The Cure for “Financial Pain”


So many people are living today in I call financial pain. PAIN THAT COMES INTO OUR LIVES AS A RESULT OF FINANCIAL DEBT, DISORDER AND DEVASTATION. The danger of financial pain is that it is subtle, because you learn to live with it and never experience the life God has promised you. Unlike physical pain which can be detected quickly, often times financial pain takes a while for people to realize how much they're being affected by their financial condition. God wants to bring financial recovery in our lives when we find ourselves living in this condition. In this book, Dr. Robinson lays out the steps that can bring healing for the financial pain in your life. He shares them practical wisdom and personal stories that will help you resolve the issues of Financial Pain. This book will empower you to turn your financial pain into financial power and prosperity.

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How To Dream Through Life’s Disappointments:

Every dream is conceived and birthed in the mind of a dreamer, the central figure in the dream and the person around whom all the events or actions in the dream are centered. The dream becomes the dreamer’s life script in which the dreamer is the hero. That’s why “Here Comes The Dreamer” is so significant for anyone who believes there is a dream inside of them that has been fighting and kicking to get out. Dr. Robinson clearly outlines, what he calls the “dream-path” for those who have had life’s disappointments bury all their hopes and dreams. This book is filled with the practical wisdom, life principles and revelatory insights that can change the trajectory of your seemly damaged future and cause you to dream again. That’s why the title is in the form of an announcement that gives the signal to the universe that a new dreamer has been born. A must read for you if you believe that through God, dreams can still become a reality.

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